Pastor Ben Spitler

Jan 30, 2017

I remember years ago reading through the book of Acts, which records the very earliest days of the church, and being struck by how many times that word together showed up.  Those earliest believers were together in prayer (Acts 1:14) and together in worship (Acts 2:46).  They ate together and met together in each other’s homes (Acts 2:46).  They were together and had everything in common (Acts 2:44).  And together they spread the good news of Jesus to the entire Roman empire and beyond.  Together they made a difference in the world in Jesus’ name!  And what the earliest church did, the church has continued to do down through the centuries—together.
I traveled back and forth to Ohio this past week to check in on my parents.  The drive there and back always provides some good time for thinking and praying.  Here’s a question that came to my mind that I couldn’t get away from—What might we do together this year?  That question came to mind as I prayed and thought about the year ahead; about the life and ministry that we presently enjoy and that offers us something to build on in better reaching out to others; about new life and new ministries that perhaps God would lead us to take up.  What might we do together?  You may hear that question again!  Do any answers come to mind as you think about our church or your family or your circle of friends or even the people you work or go to school with?
In the context of the church, Together is biblical and sacred and important for all of us.  I’m grateful for our shared life and ministry and look forward to being together on Sunday and sharing some things that are on my heart for our church in the year ahead.  I hope you’ll be there this Sunday to share in that.


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