Still Risen

Pastor Brian Schafer

Apr 26, 2019

He is STILL Risen! We proclaim this Truth not only because it’s still Easter Season, but also because we – as Jesus people – are the ones who live differently in this world because Jesus is alive. We have hope because Jesus is alive. We extend grace because Jesus is alive. We believe that things that seem dead (relationships, people who are far from God, bad test results, and all the rest) can be resurrected through the power of Jesus. Why? Because Jesus is alive!
That phrase – Jesus is alive! – has been reverberating in my mind all week. For those in our 10:45am service on Easter Sunday, those were the last words you heard, beautifully screamed by our children. My prayer is that this reality – Jesus is alive! – reverberates in all of our hearts, minds, and lives on this damp Friday. Through our words, attitudes, and actions, let’s proclaim the Good News: Jesus is alive!

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