Pastor Ben Spitler

May 17, 2019

Remember when we ate Skittles in the Sunday morning service :) ?!  What was that all about?!?!  Sharing!  Against the background of the subject of wealth and God’s people we talked about God’s call to share.  Here’s that Word from the apostle Paul again, I Timothy 6, from The Passion Translation—17 To all the rich of this world, I command you not to be wrapped in thoughts of pride over your prosperity, or rely on your wealth, for your riches are unreliable and nothing compared to the living God. Trust instead in the one who has lavished upon us all good things, fulfilling our every need.  18 Remind the wealthy to be rich in good works of extravagant generosity, willing to share with others. 19 This will provide a beautiful foundation for their lives and secure for them a great future, as they lay their hands upon the meaning of true life.
We’ll continue on that subject this Sunday!  More Skittles :) ?!  Come and find out!
Here’s a little different angle on the subject of sharing, being “rich in good deeds,” etc., and something we can do to reach out to others without increasing our time commitments or perhaps even our financial investment—just share life!  Have fun together.  Share a meal.  Invite a couple more folks over when you watch a movie or play a game or have a cookout.  In other words, in the normal rhythm and activity of your life, include others, especially those who may not yet know Christ or have a church home.  Share life.  Give that some thought and prayer!  As we move into the summer season there are no doubt some great opportunities for that!

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