Opportunities to Share the Gospel

Pastor Ben Spitler

Apr 12, 2019

In the next 10 days we’ve got some great opportunities to share the Gospel!  It begins today with a talk I’m giving after basketball for some high school guys.  It includes at dinner for Making Men’s Ministries tomorrow afternoon, services on Sunday, youth group Sunday night and then Holy Week services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  There will be people coming to those events and services that will have an opportunity to give their hearts to Christ.  Would you take a moment right now and pray that God would speak and work in those times?  And as often as He brings those opportunities to mind, pray again and thank God for good news worth sharing with others!  While you’re praying and thanking God for the Gospel, pray about who you can extend an invitation to for services in this sacred, hope-celebrating season!  Looking forward to being together this Palm Sunday!  God bless you today!

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