Monday-after-Easter Thoughts

Pastor Ben

Mar 28, 2016

Here are my top six thoughts on this Monday after Easter!

“He is risen indeed!” My best friend from college days who lives in South Carolina was the first to text, “He is risen!” We all likely had lots of opportunities to respond to the ancient proclamation of Christ’s resurrection yesterday! Alan and Kakia Hall can tell you how to say that in Greek! But it hit me yesterday that the response, “He is risen indeed!” puts us in solidarity, not only with the church around the world but with the church through the ages and with the Scriptures! We’re affirming our faith and agreement with the apostles and martyrs and followers of Jesus who have been proclaiming and responding that way for centuries.

Facebook testimonies to faith. As is my habit (mostly), I checked FB this morning and was encouraged by the number of folks who made that resurrection proclamation on social media! In particular, I noticed several folks who had once been a part of GCN when they were younger, some even teenagers or kids when they were here, who are now grown up, living in other parts of the country, and living for Jesus. I was grateful for the positive role GCN had in their spiritual lives!

Spring Break. I wish spring break wasn’t the same time as Easter.

That first Monday after Christ was raised from the dead. I found myself wondering what the predominant feeling was for those who were actually here to experience Christ death and resurrection. My guess is wonder — wondering what had happened, wondering if it could really be true, wonder for those who actually saw Jesus alive.

Pakistan. At least 70 dead and hundreds wounded when a radical Islamist group detonated bombs intentionally targeting Christians celebrating together on Easter Sunday. It’s a reminder to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who have not been as fortunate as we have to gather in relative security and freedom.

Hope. That’s the key word for the holy day we just celebrated yesterday! And it’s not just a hope for the life to come but for this life as well. Live in that hope today and tomorrow and every day God gives you!

Good news — we’re going to celebrate Easter again this Sunday, complete with that ancient proclamation and response, Easter hymns and songs, prayers for the world, and a message of hope for us. Hope to see you then!

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