GCN has a long history of meeting people where they are and inviting them to follow Christ. Where, exactly, are many people these days? Online. We desire to remove as many barriers as possible between the Body of Christ (our church) and those who do not yet know Christ. As we endeavor to increase and improve our Online Streaming Worship Service Presence, would you join us as we continue to do what we’ve always been called to?: Meet people where they are and invite them to follow Christ.

3 high-quality mounted cameras, interactive video controller, computer and software, installation, and training.


Increasing and improving our online presence will help remove even more barriers between our church and those who do not yet know Christ. It will be even easier to invite a friend, co-worker, or neighbor to “check out our church”. Additionally, our church family members who are traveling, unwell, or homebound will have the opportunity to stay connected.


  • ONLINE GIVING - Give online through your CCB account. Visit gcn.ccbchurch.com, click give and choose “Live Streaming Capital Campaign” (account required).
  • TEXT GIVING - Text “Give” to 833-505-8444 and choose “Live Streaming Capital Campaign”.
  • CHECK GIVING - Make a check out to GCN, include “Live Streaming Capital Campaign” in the memo line, and mail your check to 8921 Warfield Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882.

For more information on how to give, please visit www.gaithersburgnazarene.org/about/give

Join us as we continue to meet people where they are and invite them to follow Christ!

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