Our Story

GCN began as a house church back in 1960. The church’s first building was on Brooks Avenue in old town Gaithersburg, and it moved to its current location in 1980.


But the church isn’t the building where it meets. It’s the people. The people at GCN have always had a special thing going! When you walk into the building where they’re meeting or run into them while they’re serving in the community, it’s like coming home. You get this welcome that you don’t get everywhere. They love each other and others. They’re real, and they want to serve.


Over the years, that real, relational, genuine love has written the story we continue to live as we do our best to be all God wants a church to be. We don’t get uptight when things aren’t just right. We trust God and keep on going. We try to stay with what matters most in life. And our facilities? They have always been wide open to anyone who wants to use them. We’re a community center of sorts. We want everything we are and everything we have and everything we do to point people to Jesus. We want our story to be a significant part of His story — and yours.


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